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North West Bride Wedding Show at Tatton Park

Lovely blog write up about the North West Bride & Tatton Park Wedding Show held in the grounds of Tatton Park by Charlotte Elise Weddings and Events – read it here.

Having recently launched her new event planning services, Charlotte was looking for high quality favour options to include in her information goody bag. We provided some of our lovely heart-shaped dark chocolate truffles, all wrapped up in crisp white favour boxes finished with an elegant satin ribbon. Hope everyone enjoyed them! Continue reading North West Bride Wedding Show at Tatton Park

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Guide to Wedding Favours

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What are wedding favours?

The tradition of giving wedding favours originated in Italy, where guests were presented with 5 sugared almonds symbolising health, happiness, long life, wealth and fertility. Modern wedding favours often replace the almonds with chocolates or other confectionery, and are given as a thank you and acknowledgement to friends and loved ones that they have shared in your special day. Continue reading Guide to Wedding Favours

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Chocolate Heart Gift Box

Since our New Year’s blog post, we’ve had quite a few emails asking about the chocolate heart box we had pictured. We have made edible chocolate boxes before, usually around Valentine’s Day, for customers who want to put a message or small gift inside the box itself (we’ve even had a couple of engagement rings go into them!). However, this is the first time we’ve done one on this scale, so thought we would do another post giving a bit more detail about what was a very fun little project.

Continue reading Chocolate Heart Gift Box

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If I see another mince pie….

For our first blog post of 2015, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank everyone who shopped with us over the Christmas period – we hope everyone enjoyed their presents!

We’ve had a bit of a break after the Christmas rush to recover from a month of manic mince pie baking, sell out markets and lots of ribbon tying! There were also some very unique private orders, from bespoke gifts made entirely of chocolate, to our first ever doughnut wedding tower:

doughnut tower

Continue reading If I see another mince pie….