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Guide to Wedding Favours

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What are wedding favours?

The tradition of giving wedding favours originated in Italy, where guests were presented with 5 sugared almonds symbolising health, happiness, long life, wealth and fertility. Modern wedding favours often replace the almonds with chocolates or other confectionery, and are given as a thank you and acknowledgement to friends and loved ones that they have shared in your special day.

What sweets can go in wedding favours?

The simple answer is whatever you want! A wedding favour should be a reflection of your own tastes, but also take into consideration the tastes of your guests (remember that not everyone will like a marmite filled macaron!). From chocolate truffles to macarons and all kinds of luxury confectionery, if you can imagine it we can make it for your wedding favours. Of course for the traditionalists out there we also stock a wide range of premium sugared almonds!

Looking for a little inspiration? Head over to our wedding favour page for a list of some of our most popular wedding favours.

Pina Colada Marshmallow Product Image
There are plenty of great confectionery options for wedding favours. Fudge, French macarons, or gourmet marshmallows are all popular alternatives to chocolate – how about these piña colada mallows made with fresh pineapple, lime and toasted coconut?

Do people still give 5 sweets in their favours?

The tradition of giving 5 sweets is rarely maintained with modern wedding favours. Boxes of 2-4 chocolates or sweets are by far the most popular options with our couples, and a single larger chocolate bar or lollipop is also a great option.

How are wedding favours presented and packaged?

Wedding favours are most commonly presented to guests as part of their place setting at the wedding breakfast. The packaging is usually chosen to compliment the design of the table setting and can range from a simple ribbon to elaborate boxes handmade to match the wedding theme, stationery etc.

Every wedding is unique, and there are no hard and fast rules. We work with a large range of packaging suppliers and bespoke stationers to ensure that we can find or create the perfect packaging for your wedding favours. For something a bit different why not present your guests with empty boxes and let them pick their own favours from a confectionery table, or hand out gift bags as they leave for them to enjoy on the journey home?

Bespoke usually means expensive – can luxury wedding favours fit my budget?

Luxury wedding favours don’t have to cost the earth, and spending a little more can result in a huge increase in quality compared to mass produced confectionery, giving you better value for money. We pride ourselves on being able to work within most budgets, and offer a wide range of delicious, cost effective favours which can still be customised to fit your wedding theme and colours. We can also supply bulk packs of loose chocolates & confectionery for you to create your own wedding favours.

Chocolate Wedding Cake Lollipops Example Wedding Favour Product Image
Solid chocolate bars, shapes and lollipops can be a great cost effective option by cutting down on expensive packaging.

How about something really special?

From beautiful favour boxes made entirely from chocolate, to fabulous truffles flavoured with fine champagne, whisky or cognac and printed with the names of the bride and groom; with our bespoke service, the sky is the limit. Why not offer a complete sweet table to totally indulge your guests? For a truly personal touch, you can also become a chocolatier for the day and make your own favours in one of our chocolate workshops.

You can read more about how we can help on our Wedding Favours page, or Get In Touch for a no obligation chat about your ideas.