Chocolate Menu

Our core range of chocolates is a collection of our favourite recipes, award winners, and Eponine classics.

Our menu varies with the seasons and availability of ingredients, so we will not always have all the chocolates listed below on offer. During the year, our creative chocolatiers are constantly developing new and exciting recipes to delight our customers. You will find these new creations alongside our classic recipes in our Chocolate Selection.

Salted Caramel

A rich, liquid caramel slowly cooked in small batches for the best flavour. Finished with Madagascan vanilla, fresh butter and a crisp dark chocolate shell flecked with gold.
Salted Caramel ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Peanut & Raspberry

Gianduja of roasted organic peanuts and milk chocolate, layered with a tangy raspberry pate de fruit.
Peanut & Raspberry ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Gold
Passion Fruit

A fresh ganache of milk chocolate and tangy passion fruit juice, balanced by a dark chocolate shell.
Passion Fruit ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Pear & Tonka Bean

A complex praline of caramelised hazelnut, Ecuadorian dark chocolate and freshly grated tonka beans, set atop a layer of pear pate de fruit.
Pear & Tonka Praline ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Mont Blanc

Inspired by the classic patisserie “Mont Blanc”. Chestnut caramel made with pureed marrons glace is layered above a creamy white chocolate ganache, flavoured with vanilla pod and dark rum.
Mont Blanc ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze
Apple Caramel

Fresh pressed apple juice made into a caramel with a hint of warming spices and cognac, encased in milk chocolate.
Apple CaramelAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Maple Pecan Caramel

Sweet, buttery caramel flavoured with pure maple syrup, blended with pieces of toasted pecan nut, and balanced with a rich dark chocolate shell.
Maple Pecan CaramelAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Cinnamon & Speculoos

Pieces of crisp speculoos biscuit folded through a smooth almond praline, spiked with cinnamon, and enrobed in dark chocolate, balancing the sweetness of the biscuit.
Cinnamon & Speculoos ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Crunchy Praline

Caramelised hazelnut praline blended with milk chocolate, crunchy caramelised wafer and roasted hazelnut pieces.
Crunchy Praline ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Pumpkin Pie

An American classic in chocolate form. Real pumpkin, pureed and cooked into a rich caramel, layered over spiced almond praline in a dark chocolate shell.
Pumpkin Pie ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze
Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry compote, cream cheese white chocolate ganache with a touch of vanilla, and a base of biscuit praline, perfectly captured in a white chocolate shell.
Strawberry Cheesecake ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Billionaire's Praline

A decadent take on millionaire's shortbread - salted butter caramel topped with hazelnut and almond praline, studded with pieces of freshly baked muscovado shortbread. A coating of fine dark chocolate balances the sweetness of the caramel.
Billionaire's Praline ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze

Fragrant Japanese citrus, blended into 75% single-origin chocolate from Tanzania. A wonderfully bright and zesty ganache with a beautiful clean finish.
Yuzu ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Gold
Caramelised Mango, Chilli & Lime

A vibrant journey of flavours, carefully balanced with an intense 65% dark chocolate. Begin with a burst of caramelised mango, followed by freshly squeezed lime, finishing with a hit of habanero chilli heat.
Caramelised Mango, Chilli and Lime ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver

A concentrated raspberry compote gives a burst of fresh raspberry flavour, giving way to a ganache of Madagascan single-origin dark chocolate, blended with fresh raspberry pulp.
Vegan Friendly
Raspberry ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Blueberry & Earl Grey

A dark chocolate shell encasing wild blueberry compote and a ganache of single-origin dark chocolate from Peru. The ganache is infused with earl grey tea, bringing aromas of black tea leaves, with the bright citrus and light floral notes of bergamot.
Blueberry and Earl Grey Tea ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Espresso & Bitter Almond

Ganache of freshly brewed espresso coffee and grand-cru chocolate from Venezuela, layered with a soft almond and vanilla marzipan. The select Mediterranean almonds used in the marzipan give it a slight bitter edge, reminiscent of Italian biscuits.
Espresso & Bitter Almond ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Black Pepper, Pineapple & Cardamom

We select the highest quality Tellicherry black peppercorns, with a subtle spice and complex, fruity aroma. The pepper is freshly ground by hand, then infused into a ganache made with single-origin dark chocolate from Tanzania. This is paired with a compote of roasted pineapple, finished with a touch of fragrant green cardamom.
Black Pepper, Cardamom & Pineapple Chocolate
Gin & Tonic

Williams Chase GB Gin, natural tonic syrup made from an infusion of cinchona bark, and fresh lemon brought together in a bright and zesty white chocolate ganache. A dark chocolate shell gives a cocoa hit on the finish.
Gin and Tonic ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Portobello Road Gin & Pink Grapefruit

This chocolate is inspired by the suggested serve of Portobello Road No. 171. - a delicious, citrusy gin which pairs perfectly with grapefruit. We've crafted this exceptional gin into a white chocolate ganache, and paired it with a grapefruit compote made from whole fresh grapefruits, for a burst of zesty citrus flavour.
Portobello Road Gin & Pink Grapefruit Chocolate
Sloe Gin

The delicious dark fruit flavour of sloe berries pairs wonderfully with the bright, fruity notes of the single origin Madagascan dark chocolate used in the ganache. We've chosen Ableforth's Bathtub Sloe Gin for its incredibly intense flavour, owing to nearly half a pound of sloe berries that go into flavouring each bottle. The purple shell is reminiscent of the dark berry flavour in this rich, fruity bonbon.
Sloe Gin Chocolate
Martini Gin

Impeccably dressed in a tuxedo of black and white swirls in homage to the world's most famous Martini sipping spy. We like our Martini stirred, not shaken, and always with gin! The Sipsmith VJOP (Very Junipery Over Proof) gin we've used in this bonbon captures the strength of this legendary cocktail, with a splash of Noilly Prat rounding out the flavour with the herbal and floral notes of classic dry vermouth.
Martini Chocolate
Cherry & Pistachio

Marzipan of creamy pistachios and Mediterranean almonds, layered over Morello cherry pate de fruit. Enrobed in dark chocolate, and decorated with a whole pistachio.
Vegan Friendly
Cherry & PistachioAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze

Super smooth ganache of fresh coconut blended with Carribean grand-cru dark chocolate.
Vegan Friendly
Coconut ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze
Tahitian Vanilla

We've sourced some of the world's best vanilla from a single family run plantation on the island of Bora Bora. The pods have a complex aroma of cherry, prune, liquorice and spice, which we've slow-infused into an intense ganache made with grand-cru dark chocolate.
Vegan Friendly
Tahitian Vanilla Chocolate
Passion Fruit - Dark

A dark chocolate version of our popular passion fruit bonbon. The ganache contains pure passion fruit juice with no cream or butter, which makes the sharp, bright passion fruit flavour incredibly intense.
Vegan Friendly
Passion Fruit Dark Chocolate
Juniper & Blackcurrant

Juniper berries slow-infused into a dark chocolate ganache, layered with a tangy blackcurrant compote.
Vegan Friendly
Juniper & Blackcurrant ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze
Coffee & Cardamom

Freshly brewed espresso blended with dark chocolate to create an intense coffee ganache, paired with a layer of hazelnut praline infused with fragrant cardamom.
Vegan Friendly
Coffee & Cardamom ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze
Coriander Praline

Coriander seed is a wonderfully aromatic spice, with a citrus flavour that works beautifully with praline. We've added puffed rice and popping candy for texture, with a touch of lemon to lift the citrus flavour.
Vegan Friendly
Coriander Praline ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Burnt Orange & Almond

Burnt orange marmalade over a layer of toasted and caramelised almond praline in a dark chocolate shell.
Vegan Friendly
Burnt Orange and Almond Chocolate
Banana & Gold Rum

Milk chocolate ganache blended with fresh banana and a generous splash of gold rum, encased in a dark chocolate shell.
Banana and Gold Rum ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze

White chocolate ganache flavoured with an award winning, ceremonial grade matcha green tea, and enrobed in fine dark chocolate.
Matcha Green Tea Ganache Chocolate
Lemon & Marzipan

Tangy dark chococolate and lemon ganache layered over an almond and candied lemon marzipan, enrobed in dark chocolate.
Lemon and Marzipan Chocolate
Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb compote and oat crumble praline paired with a muscovado chocolate shell.
Rhubarb Crumble Chocolate
Lime Caramel

Fresh lime juice and zest cooked into an intense lime caramel, encased in our house blend of dark chocolate.
Lime Caramel Chocolate
Honey Caramel

Dark chocolate shell filled with buttery salted caramel, enhanced with the natural sweetness of honey.
Honey Caramel Chocolate
Hazelnut Praline

Italian hazelnuts are cooked together with sugar until roasted and caramelised, then ground until perfectly smooth and blended this with our house milk chocolate to create this classic praline filling, captured in a rich dark chocolate shell.
Hazelnut Praline Chocolate
Rose, Cherry & Lychee

Rose scented ganache of Madagascan dark chocolate, layered with tangy pate de fruit of sour cherries and fragrant lychee.
Rose, Cherry & Lychee Chocolate
Single-Origin Peru Truffle

Peruvian grand-cru dark chocolate with a touch of Madagascan vanilla. This unique ganache has a wonderfully pure cocoa flavour, owing to our unique recipe which contains no cream or butter, but retains the smooth, melting texture of a traditional truffle.
Vegan Friendly
Single-Origin Chocolate Truffle
Honduras Indio Rojo Ganache

Ganache of 72% Indio Rojo chocolate from Duffy Sheardown, one of the UK's leading craft chocolate makers. Made with rare Criollo cocoa beans grown by Xoco in Honduras, this incredible chocolate was named best bean-to-bar chocolate in the world by the Academy of Chocolate in 2011. A wonderfully rich, full-bodied dark chocolate with herbal orange notes and a distinct raisin finish.
Honduras Indio Rojo GanacheAcademy of Chocolate Awards Gold
Guatemala Rio Dulce Ganache

Ganache of 70% Rio Dulce chocolate from Duffy Sheardown, one of the UK's leading craft chocolate makers. Made with rare Criollo cocoa beans grown by Xoco in Guatemala, this multi award-winning chocolate brings notes of honey and spice, with blackcurrant and a black pepper finish.
Guatemala Rio DulceAcademy of Chocolate Awards Gold
India Anamalai Estate Ganache

Ganache of 70% chocolate made with single-estate cocoa from the Anamalai Estate in India. This unique dark chocolate is made in Manchester by multi-award winning craft chocolate maker Dormouse Chocolate. It is highly complex with notes of muscovado, toasted bread, and red fruits, enhanced by a touch of acidity and lime zest.
India Anamalai Estate GanacheAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Mince Pie

Milk chocolate shell filled with mincemeat compote, blond chocolate & brandy ganache, and a layer of sweet pastry praline.
Mince Pie ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver
Apricot & Saffron

A saffron infused white chocolate ganache paired with an intense apricot compote in a white chocolate shell.
Apricot and Saffron Chocolate
Whisky, Orange & Praline

A rich dark chocolate and whisky ganache layered with caramelised orange compote and a thin layer of crispy hazelnut praline. This bonbon was designed to pair with a rich, sherry cask malt whisky, but is just as delicious enjoyed on it's own.
Whisky Orange and Praline Chocolate