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New and improved original recipe website

We are delighted to announce that after a lot of typing, many cups of tea, and even more banging of heads against keyboards, the new Eponine website is ready for launch! We’ve designed it to look similar to the old website, but better looking and with more features and content.

You can still find a list of our upcoming market events on the homepage, where you can now also sign up to our mailing list to receive event and product news, updates and special offers.

White 4 Tier Wedding Cake



We’ve also done a bit of restructuring of the menus to bring you more information about our bespoke wedding services, including luxury chocolate wedding favours and couture wedding cakes.




Hope you enjoy checking out and using the new website, but please remember that we are patissiers not web developers, so if you find a bug or broken link please let us know! Of course if it’s the greatest website you’ve ever seen and you would like to compliment us on our patisserie-based-web-design-studio-not-at-all-made-on-my-laptop-at-2am endeavours, please leave a comment below!

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All new newness

There’s lots going on for us this week, with a new market at Levenshulme on Saturday and back to Altrincham on Sunday for our first market following the opening of the refurbished market hall.

We’ve also been working on the development of new products and packaging, including new mallow flavours and a chocolate version of our ever popular salted caramels, made with rich 70% Valrhona chocolate. You can grab a bag at either of our upcoming markets, along with our usual range of confectionery and fresh patisserie, but you’ll have to wait a while to see our new packaging…. we’re still waiting for the labels to arrive!

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Gordon’s Alive! (and Hoylake Food Fair)

It’s been a hectic few weeks, but we are finally up and running, and ready to go! (FYI Do not attempt to move house and start up a business in the same fortnight. It is not a good idea. You will not sleep.)

For our first official event, we will be jumping in at the deep end with a stall at the Hoylake Food Fair. Continue reading Gordon’s Alive! (and Hoylake Food Fair)

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Is this thing on?

Things are moving ahead slowly but surely with the development of Éponine as a real business venture. We are currently negotiating the details of a premises so we can start baking without having to beg, steal or borrow someone else’s kitchen. Sadly this won’t come with a store front, but we are working on getting ourselves into farmers markets and similar events throughout Liverpool. 

If all goes to plan, things should really be taking off in the next few weeks, so we’ve started up this blog to chronicle our misadventures and keep you guys up to date with what’s going on as we get things up and running.

Here goes nothing!