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We’re all going on a summer holi….. nope back to work!

Our festival season came to an end (at least the ones we had booked for the Summer have all been and gone), and we could really use a holiday…. which is why we went straight into a week of product testing, markets, client visits and tastings. The world of chocolate never rests!

First up a little experimentation with new chocolate decorations. I was quite pleased with this red speckled pattern, although my dear colleague thought it looked like someone had been stabbed. A quick coating of bronze made them look a little less what we had dubbed “crime scene chic”, and a lot more appropriate for their maple caramel and pecan praline filling.

Trying a new chocolate design, affectionately dubbed “crime scene chic”…. These eventually became maple caramel and pecan praline chocolates., as part of our latest seasonal selection box.

Next up a chocolate tasting day at Whitmore & White in Heswall to launch the beautiful new products of ours that they will be stocking. We will be holding a second tasting at the Frodsham branch on the 1st August, so be sure to drop in and see us.

Lovely photograph of the chocolate set-up yesterday at our Whitmore & White chocolate tasting in Heswall. Thanks to everyone who came and tried our new range! (Photograph by Whitmore & White)
Adverts for our chocolate tasting day at Whitmore & White (Heswall). Very much enjoyed talking to customers about our new range in the shop (and trying a few of our own samples!)

While we’re at it, another new chocolate, this time a dipped bonbon containing a wonderfully fresh mango and passion fruit pate de fruit, hand dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with a little toasted coconut to compliment the tropical fruit flavours.

Mango and passion fruit pate de fruit, hand dipped in dark chocolate and finished with toasted coconut. These chocolates are made using real fruit and high quality dark chocolate, making a truly indulgent, vegan-friendly choice.

Finally, we’ve created some brand new snack bar flavours. The ones below are a cherry pate de fruit and pistachio marzipan bar – they turned out beautifully after a quick dip in dark chocolate. You can find these along with our other new flavours and some old favourites at Whitmore & White.

Cherry & pistachio and classic almond marzipan bars, all cut and ready for dipping. They’re both finished in our rich dark chocolate with either pistachio or toasted flaked almond decoration.