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For Your Valentine

It all comes around so quickly, doesn’t it? We’ve only just recovered from Christmas fever, and it’s already time for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand (you just can’t eat a bunch of flowers), and we’ve put together a few special ideas for the one you love. Say it with heart(s)!

Raspberry & Rose White Chocolate Heart Bar

heart raspberry and rose chocolate bar front and back

Creamy white chocolate covered with hearts, hiding a back that is studded with real freeze-dried raspberry and crystallized rose petals.

The sweet, vanilla notes of the white chocolate are perfectly paired with the tangy fresh flavour of the raspberries. Combined with a beautiful heart pattern and crystallised rose petals for an extra romantic flourish and subtle floral flavour, they won’t be able to resist…. the chocolate that is.


Valentine’s Chocolate Boxes (6/12/18)

valentines heart truffles thin

Featuring heart-shaped handmade chocolates, these beautiful boxes contain three delicious flavours of champagne & passion fruit, salted caramel, and spiced rose. Each chocolate is carefully hand decorated and arranged in a crisp white box, finished with a red satin ribbon. There’s at least two chocolates of each flavour in every box, so they are perfect for sharing (if you’re allowed one).


“Melt My Heart ‪‎xx” Hot Chocolate Bomb

Traditional hot chocolate in heart form, accompanied by two golden salted caramel hearts. This completely hand decorated heart is made to be melted into a pan of hot milk, ready for two to share snuggled together on a cold night. Due its delicate nature, this item is only available for collection and not delivery to ensure that your sweetheart receives a perfect gift.


You can purchase these in our online store, from us directly at events leading up to the day, and at Whitmore & White (Heswall & Frodsham).