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Sleep is for wimps (and the cat)

Taking a quick break from the madness of April to update the blog.

You can now find a selection of our chocolates, patisserie and confections in the newly opened Whitmore & White Food Hall and Wine Merchants on Pensby Road in Heswall. The guys there have sourced a fantastic selection of Continue reading Sleep is for wimps (and the cat)

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The Taming of the Choux

Eclairs are something we have obsessed over since visiting Paris, where the counters of the world’s finest patisseries are lined with row after row of perfectly shaped choux pastries. Making eclairs is actually pretty easy if you don’t mind them looking a bit “homely”, but producing the perfect shape consistently is a different matter all together. Continue reading The Taming of the Choux

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Who ate all the pies?

This poor blog must be feeling pretty neglected. We’ve been too busy making mince pies… lots and lots of mince pies. Our mince pies have been overwhelmingly popular over the past few weeks leading up to Christmas, and as the big day is nearly upon us, it’s your last chance to get hold of Continue reading Who ate all the pies?

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Heading up to Hallowe’en

We’re putting the finishing touches to a special collection of patisserie for Halloween, just in time for the West Kirby Farmers’ Market on Saturday 26/10/2013, where you can find us from 9am-1pm. The ghoulish goodies on offer may not be scary, but expect seasonal flavours like toffee apple, honeycomb and autumn spices.

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Gordon’s Alive! (and Hoylake Food Fair)

It’s been a hectic few weeks, but we are finally up and running, and ready to go! (FYI Do not attempt to move house and start up a business in the same fortnight. It is not a good idea. You will not sleep.)

For our first official event, we will be jumping in at the deep end with a stall at the Hoylake Food Fair. Continue reading Gordon’s Alive! (and Hoylake Food Fair)

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Is this thing on?

Things are moving ahead slowly but surely with the development of Éponine as a real business venture. We are currently negotiating the details of a premises so we can start baking without having to beg, steal or borrow someone else’s kitchen. Sadly this won’t come with a store front, but we are working on getting ourselves into farmers markets and similar events throughout Liverpool. 

If all goes to plan, things should really be taking off in the next few weeks, so we’ve started up this blog to chronicle our misadventures and keep you guys up to date with what’s going on as we get things up and running.

Here goes nothing!