Chocolate Menu

Chocolate Menu

Our core range of chocolates is a collection of our favourite recipes, award winners, and Eponine classics.

Our menu varies with the seasons and availability of ingredients, so we will not always have all the chocolates listed below on offer. During the year, our creative chocolatiers are constantly developing new and exciting recipes to delight our customers. You will find these new creations alongside our classic recipes in our Chocolate Selection.

Salted Caramel

A rich, liquid caramel slowly cooked in small batches for the best flavour. Finished with Madagascan vanilla, fresh butter and a crisp dark chocolate shell flecked with gold.
Salted CaramelAcademy of Chocolate Silver 2017
Gin & Tonic

Williams Chase GB Gin, natural tonic syrup made from an infusion of cinchona bark, and fresh lemon brought together in a bright and zesty white chocolate ganache. A dark chocolate shell gives a cocoa hit on the finish.
Gin and Tonic TruffleAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver 2016
Peanut & Raspberry

Gianduja of roasted organic peanuts and milk chocolate, layered with a tangy raspberry pate de fruit.
Peanut & RaspberryAcademy of Chocolate Awards Gold 2016
Passion Fruit

A fresh ganache of milk chocolate and tangy passion fruit juice, balanced by a dark chocolate shell.
Academy of Chocolate Silver 2017
Pear & Tonka Bean

A complex praline of caramelised hazelnut, Ecuadorian dark chocolate and freshly grated tonka beans, set atop a layer of pear pate de fruit.
Pear & Tonka Praline ChocolateAcademy of Chocolate Silver 2017
Mont Blanc

Inspired by the classic patisserie “Mont Blanc”. Chestnut caramel made with pureed marrons glace is layered above a creamy white chocolate ganache, flavoured with vanilla pod and dark rum.
Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze 2017
Cherry & Pistachio

Marzipan of creamy Iranian pistachios and Mediterranean almonds, layered over Morello cherry pate de fruit. Enrobed in dark chocolate, and decorated with a whole pistachio.
Cherry & PistachioAcademy of Chocolate Awards Bronze 2017
Apple Caramel

Fresh pressed apple juice made into a caramel with a hint of warming spices and cognac, encased in milk chocolate.
Apple CaramelAcademy of Chocolate Silver 2017
Maple Pecan Caramel

Sweet, buttery caramel flavoured with pure maple syrup, blended with pieces of toasted pecan nut, and balanced with a rich dark chocolate shell.
Maple Pecan CaramelAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver 2017
Cinnamon & Speculoos

Pieces of crisp speculoos biscuit folded through a smooth almond praline, spiked with cinnamon, and enrobed in dark chocolate, balancing the sweetness of the biscuit.
Academy of Chocolate Silver 2017
Crunchy Praline

Caramelised hazelnut praline blended with milk chocolate, crunchy caramelised wafer and roasted hazelnut pieces.
Crunchy PralineAcademy of Chocolate Awards Silver 2016
Pumpkin Pie

An American classic in chocolate form. Real pumpkin, pureed and cooked into a rich caramel, layered over spiced almond praline in a dark chocolate shell.
Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze 2017