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Hot Chocolate Stirrer Gift Sets

Our hot chocolate stirrers make the perfect small gift, particularly as we say goodbye to Summer and the cold draws in. Recently relaunched in fabulous new packaging, they are now more giftable than ever. But what if you put four of them together? Added a box? A hand tied satin bow? Well, now you’ve got something really special.

Hot Chocolate Spoon 4 Stirrer Gift Pack Selection Front

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Are You Hot for Chocolate?

We’re so happy to share with you our new range of hot chocolate stirrers!

What is a hot chocolate stirrer? Also known as a hot chocolate spoon, these amazing stirrers can create a proper hot chocolate in minutes. Simply stir them into a mug of hot milk, and watch as the generous block of chocolate melts away to create a delicious luxury hot chocolate drink! (You might want to try licking the melting chocolate off the edge of the block part way through… but we didn’t tell you that…) Continue reading

“Step Up Ambitions” Home Business 100

New article from Home Business 100 about where we’ve come from and where Eponine is (hopefully) heading. It’s based on a recent interview about our ambition of stepping up from a home based business to taking on retail premises in the near future.

Follow the link below to read the article and find out more!

Step Up Ambitions


There’s also an article about us and “The science to award winning chocolate” on the Home Business 100 website – you can find the link here.